The Tunto LED2 floor lamp combines the innovative technology of LED lights with a classically rustic birch exterior to create a stylish way of providing light. Moreover, the amount of light provided by the Tunto
LED2 can be regulated using the integrated sensor below the LED lamp’s exterior, making it simple to decide just how bright it should be. The Tunto LED2’s design also took the environment into consideration: this floor lamp boasts energy efficiency. The efficient, linear design of
the Tunto LED2, coupled with the range of colours in which it is available and the quality of materials used, were more than enough reason to award this uniquely designed lamp with the Red Dot Award.

It is precisely the palette of colours in which the Tunto LED2 can be purchased that makes it such a flexible lamp in terms of compatibility with the rest of the interior decorating. The lamp can be dimmed with the flick of a wrist and is energy efficient.

Designer Kärkkäinen, Mikko, 2010
Material Berkhout
Measurements H.119 x B.26 x D.44 cm 170 cm

Delivery scope incl. LED
Colours natural, Blauw, Bruin, Geel,
Groen, Oranje, pink, Rood,
Turkoois, Violet, Wit, Zwart