The composition of this hanging lighting fixture closely resembles that of the 1919 Hogestoel chair Rietveld designed that is also in the museum’s permanent collection. Unlike the chair, however, the lamp�s structural axes are unconnected. Each element floats freely in space, creating vertical and horizontal bands of light. Rietveld intended the fixture to be compatible with his furniture and the complex color schemes of his interiors.
L 40 was originally designed for the private residence of Dr. Hartog in the Netherlands.

Glass tubes enclosed electrical cord, incadescent light bulbs, painted oak wooden sockets. Ceiling lamp, 3 tubular lamps, acryl glass tubes, painted wood and electrical wiring
size: Width: 40 * Depth: 40 * Height: 155 (adjustable)”.
Plate: W. 15 3/4 (square)”.