The “Landscape” becomes the “Lampscapes”!

The name gives away a lot about the idea which stands behind this lamp -because just like in the German does it behave in English, too, so that designer Frederik Roijè developed out of a Landscape his Lampscapes. The solution is an unique lamp, in which the familiar single parts combine to a harmonic ensemble.

The Lampscape is composed of three combines shades of different sizes. Just like natural landscapes no elatedness is like another and so lives the floor lamp from the difference of its single pieces. The solution changes elegantly between the poles natural plainness and impressive exclusivity.

The Landscape-history behind the floor lamp is no foolish word game, but brings exactly to the point, for what lampscapes stands for. This story behind his designs is the hallmark of the designer Frederik Roijè, who wants to confront with that the trend, that products, disappear behind their function.

Lampscapes is also available as 3 or 6-flamed pendant (3peaks & 6peaks), and as floor lamo (uphill).