This collector’s stool by iBride is and of itself, a piece of art. Have a leg up on design with this console’s organic dog shape. Intricate lattice work. Very unique design by iBride. Available in red or black.Laminate with wood core. Measures 13″ x 27″ x 9″3-6 weeks for delivery.Ibride, pronounced “e-breed,” is created by a French family in the south of France. The archival imagery is inspired by their travels as well as their local environment. The word ‘ibride’ itself is a play on words meaning ‘hybrid’, and the pieces combine a dual purpose of serving as sturdy and functional trays and furniture, but more often they are used as decorative art to accent home decor. Through magical imagery and intricate lattice work, iBride simultaneously creates a modern and yet nostalgic feeling. Each tray and piece of furniture is constructed using a turn-of-the-century process. The construction process uses a high-pressure laminate with a pre-recycled wood core.