Sculptures Jeux

Sculptures-Jeux and its philosophy are based upon an eclectic mixture of tactile, visual and perceptive emotions in the revelation between daily dimension and sculpture. Can creative power and functionality express themselves in the same project / object? Bernard Vuarnesson and his wife Ariane thought so: after Ariane completed her Art studies at the Louvre School, and Bernard graduated at the Ecole Supérieure du Bois and the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris, they both embraced this principle by founding Sculptures-Jeux in 1973 and giving life to “playful sculptures” in interior furnishings.

Their creations are characterized first of all by the Made in Italy design, the result of their cooperation with Bragagnolo group. The company was chosen by them since their origins for its high-quality woodwork, this cooperation led to partnership in setting up Eppi’s for the marketing of Sculptures-Jeux branded products. The mutual trust and the long-standing relationship led to the ideal merger of the two companies: today Eppi’s takes inspiration from Sculptures-Jeux’s spiritual and mental heritage and gives it new life.

The care for details and the search for innovative materials, coupled with constant experimentation in an environmentally friendly context, are the core principles of the company’s philosophy, thus making its collections unique.

The pureness and simplicity of the intersections between different parts of the structures confer these objects a freedom of expression in any living environment: each item of furniture is never the same; on the contrary, it follows the smooth flowing of the shape by adapting to its function. From a delicate ornamental balance up to the liveliest chromatism, every detail shows the designers’ sensitivity and competence giving life to Sculptures-Jeux, with items finding shape in sculptures, in order to play in one’s own home.

Giralot is a versatile system with swivel 180° on the column, fixed to the wall and resting on the floor. It finds its location in entranceway, halls and corridors, but also in living room and bathroom. Those elements are available on three different dimensions. Possibility to have them in wood oak, gray stained oak or American walnut or with Touch – matt lacquer finishes.

Designer Stefano Bettio

Space contains shapes, which, via movement, become intelligible to the eyes that observe them: the apparent geometric regularity of Giralot can be adapted to reveal an asymmetrical arrangement of storage units.