Frederik Roije Lampscape

The “Landscape” becomes the “Lampscapes”! The name gives away a lot about the idea which stands behind this lamp -because […]

Tecta Rietveld lamp

The composition of this hanging lighting fixture closely resembles that of the 1919 Hogestoel chair Rietveld designed that is also […]

Led Object bike light

Hanglamp Bike Light object Materiaal: 6 fietskoplampen voorzien van LED licht met GU10 Fitting 230 volt. 6 ledlampen elk 1.1 […]

Stallinga Stekkerlamp

De watt lamp is 1 van de karakteristieke ontwerpen uit de Stallinga collectie. Het is een buigbare lamp die rechtstreeks […]

Celine Wright Nuage

A cloud (‘nuage’) of light. Perhaps the most representative piece in Céline Wright’s universe. An imposing creation because of its […]

Slamp Fiorella

Pendant made from Cristalflex®. The diffuser is formed by panels cut into the shapes of flower blossoms. Available in white […]

Slamp Goccia di Luce

Fluid and light as water, the Goccia Di Luce Pendant Light succeeds in making one of the most stunning archetypes […]